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About Sprybirds

   Sprybirds is an online social and business networking website where people can join other people as business buddies and friends. People can also follow other people on Sprybirds. Sprybirds provides a platform to it's users where users can make their social and business relations strong and also can build new business and social connections. It also provides a platform where users can find businesses and also can enlist their business in Sprybirds's business world section.

Our Aim

   Our goal is to provide the best and easy to use platform for the people to connect and build strong business and social relations with other people through Sprybirds. Our aim is to make Sprybirds helpful for business people, job seekers and people who want to connect with their friends and family.


I.T. And Social Media Services

   Sprybirds is not just provides it's users the platform to build their social and business relations, it is also an I.T. Industry. Sprybirds makes websites and softwares for industries and people on order according to their business and personal needs.

CEO and Founder

   Kunwar Asif Ali Khan is the CEO and founder of Sprybirds. He was born in India in 1983. He is also a self-learned software engineer.

Director ( Legal services )

   Kunwar Aftab Ali Khan (Advocate) is a Director ( Legal services ) of Sprybirds. He was born in India in 1956.

I.T. Manager

   Kunwar Ashraf Ali Khan is the I.T. Manager in Sprybirds. He is specialized in Software testing and analyzation.